I could also use an illustration to explain Longrich business to you.

*Assuming you walked into Shoprite today, bought some items, paid and headed towards the store exit. Just as you were leaving the manager stopped you and said:*👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

“Thank you for shopping with us! Because you have shopped with us today, we will give you a unique I.D number. If you refer anyone to any of our stores anywhere in the world and they purchase anything, we will pay you a referral commission directly into your bank account. It doesn’t stop there; If the people you refer also refer others to our stores just like you referred them we will also pay you additional bonus and it will continue till infinity.”

*Here is my question: Would you take him up on that offer? Will you ever shop from any other store? How often will you refer people to Shoprite for their daily household consumables?*🤔🤔🤔🤔

So basically, you bought ONCE to earn forever just by referring people directly and indirectly.

This is basically how Longrich MLM works. Make Longrich your supermarket for daily needs, get your unique I.D code and earn referral commissions till infinity. No hidden clauses, no commas, etc!

*You can get paid weekly up to six figure depending on the size of your network, qualify for all-expenses paid trips, and change cars yearly.*

The idea is simple: BRAND SWITCH! Longrich manufactures soap, toothpaste, body cream, body wash, shampoo, mosquito repellent, pads, panty liners, antiperspirant, hand cream, teas,stainless steel pots, vegetable smoothies, decaffeinated coffee, etc. You only need to try one of the products and you will have the Longrich experience! We have several testimonies on Longrich products. From taking care of dental issues to clearing stretch marks, blackheads, fertility issues etc.

Longrich Business is simple and a Must for every Family

You wake up in the morning…
1. You bath soap, apply cream.
2. You brush your teeth TOOTHPASTE.
Join us today

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