The Longrich platforms trades on purchase value (PV).  PV stands for Product Value or Points Value. This is the numerical value that Longrich attaches to every SINGLE unit of each product that Longrich offers. The numerical value differs from product to product. So each time you purchase a product, Longrich adds the value of that product to your accumulated PV. Every Longrich product has a value attached to it known as the purchase value. You are paid on the basis of the number of PVs accumulated within the week. Your Longrich rank, which qualifies you for incentives as travels, cars, houses and scholarships, is also dependent on the total PVs amassed. In essence, PV can be said to be the unit of measurement of success in Longrich. Hence, it is vital to know how to accumulate PVs in this business.

# 1. Simply switch your brand to Longrich

Longrich, as it is widely known, has gained credibility for their high quality products. They have over 2000 products in various categories. Interestingly, most of these products are daily consumables and need-based; they are not luxurious. You need them, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and coworkers equally need them. 

As mentioned earlier, every Longrich product has a value attached to it. For example, the toothpaste has a PV of 3.5 and the mouth freshener has a PV of 2.2, etc.

Essentially, Longrich is asking you, not to necessarily do anything new, but to continue brushing your teeth and do all the other stuff you already do, this time, with the Longrich brand.

When you simply do this, you accumulate these numbers assigned to the products (PVs).

# 2. Recommend Longrich products to others

What if you recommended these products to your family and friends? The same reward is true here too; you accumulate all those PVs associated. Interestingly, as a partner, you’re the only channel through whom these sought after products get to the consumer. This implies that, in addition to amassing all the PVs of all those products dispensed, you also make retail profits!

Whether you knew or not, since you were born, you have been building a network of people. You would recall the moment you recommended an item to some friends of yours. These friends equally recommended that same product to their friends, and this possibly continued for a long time, eventually increasing the number of people going to buy that item. What if the shop owner recognized your efforts and paid you for being the original referrer leading people to buy his products? Cool, huh?

#3. Build a network

The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.

Robert Kiyosaki

Building a network is the most important way to accumulate your PVs. How does building a network contribute to unprecedented success? A network makes you duplicate yourself. This implies duplicating your time, your efforts and resources!

Team work

Indeed, you can estimate the outcome of just 50 times of what you alone are able to do. If you work 12 hours a day and hence 240 hours in a month (without weekends), you now have times 50 of that (thus, if you have 50 people in your network), which is 12,000 hours every month! Doing it alone, you would have actually used 1000 days (2 and half years) at your rate of working to do the same amount of work. However, this has been done in a month due to leverage.

This is what Longrich does for you. Longrich wants you to build your business on their platform in the same way as renowned business owners do. These business owners have one thing in common; they use the concept of leverage. This is reflected in the wisdom of the quote below:

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

J. Paul Getty, American Industrialist

So, just get others on board and teach them to equally do so. Here, you raise others to equally become leaders. When this continues, all these people become part of your network, and Longrich pays you for the performance of all those in your network. This is really worth your efforts, you rightly reasoned. But did you know you are not even left alone while building this business? You get a free coach to hold your hand, since he has already been compensated for doing so.

The bottom line

Change the brand of daily consumable products you already use to those of Longrich, which pays you weekly for doing so. Refer Longrich’s high quality products to others and get paid for the referrals. Then, do build a network to duplicate yourself and observe the exponential growth hitting your business!

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